John Hresc – Studio Manager @ Sydney Sound Brewery Pty Ltd

Joshua is a very talented and organised operator his attention to detail is second to none. He is a good communicator and very easy to get along with.

Dr Anne Wyatt – Professional speaking coach and published author.

Congratulations, Joshua on your excellent coaching skills. Thanks for being such a patient and insightful listener and for your constructive feedback. It is easy to work with you. Your professional approach engenders confidence and ensures productivity for your clients.

Jonar Nader – Consultant, lecturer, and Author of ‘How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People’

The problem with Joshua Marks

I have one major complaint about Joshua: He never lets me pay more. Having worked with him on some very important projects, I have valued his energy and enthusiasm to such a degree, that I have always insisted on paying him more; because I believe that he deserves more. Sadly, we always have a massive argument about it. When I do sneak more funds into his account, he sneaks them back into mine. It’s so annoying. I would gladly pay double for his services because he earns it, and he always delivers — thereby making me look good. If you get the chance to work with Joshua, think yourself lucky, because he turns down jobs that do not tickle his creative fancy. I have been rejected a few times. He sure knows how to focus. It’s a bonus to work with a young man who loves his craft. His enthusiasm on the set is infectious. All my clients make a special note to compliment me on his personality. I enjoy having him around. Never a dull moment. Heaps of laughs. Lots of memorable moments.

Dino Mezzatesta – General Manager, Franchise Hotels (ACCOR)

Thank you for an interesting insight into the French Franchising Federation, for the sore stomachs (from laughing too hard), for the ‘beast’ of a video and for the idea to franchise religion.

Dr Neil James – Executive Director, Plain English Foundation

Joshua, you really captured the flavour of the event, for which I am immensely grateful.